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Over 90% of all construction and demolition waste is recycled and reused as 21st century building materials.

CMA Contracting’s Environmental Management System (EMS) which underpins our project planning, programming and execution is ISO 14001:2015 certified. Our EMS guides and directs the development of a project and site specific work methods and practices to carry out the work involved and to effectively address and manage environmental risks.

Our core Environmental Management objectives are:

  • Ensure full compliance with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Sustain the natural and built environments which we rely on to carry out our commercial activities.
  • Minimise the release of harmful or toxic emissions and reduce greenhouse gases from our operations.
  • Protect biodiversity and land quality through the effective and efficient transport and recycling of C&D waste and, where possible and appropriate, reuse as 21st century building materials.
  • Reduce water consumption and improve the efficiency of water use across our operations.
  • Minimise the generation of site and office waste from all activities and across all business divisions.

Environmentally responsible and sound programmes will be integrated across all operations and we will strive to exceed the demands and expectations of our customers as well as the communities in which we work.

21st century solutions for reshaping industrial landscapes.