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The reuse or transfer of contaminated brownfield industrial sites demands qualified environmental management techniques and state-of-the-art treatment technologies to overcome challenging and complex engineering and risk profiles. Through Grange Environmental Services – a Delta Group company – CMA Contracting has the capacity to integrate highly specialist services for total and/or partial site remediation and rehabilitation:

Site Assessments

Site assessments are guided by the standards contained within the Commonwealth National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure, relevant Australian Standards and State/Territory legislative frameworks.

Our understanding of contaminants and their impact on building and construction projects span all forms of past, current and future use, while incorporating heavy and light industrial project sites. A detailed and carefully phased assessment process allows us to identify all forms of contamination, including soil classification, and to develop site specific remediation and rehabilitation plans that will facilitate the transfer and re-use of land:

  1. Desk Top Analysis

Careful and comprehensive examination of site history and former use, as far back as public documentation and records:

  • Certificates of title
  • Site image analysis, including aerial
  • Review of EPA registers
  • Identify contaminants of primary concern
  • Develop site sampling plan including targeted testing
  1. Intrusive Site Assessment

Boots-on-the-ground site analysis in accordance with the NEPM to determine actual or potential risks to human health, the environment and the project, including:

  • Data collection and reporting, including independent laboratory analysis
  • Soil classifications
  • Ground water monitoring, depending on project scope
  • Define extent of remediation or further assessment, if required
  1. Site Remediation & Rehabilitation

Detailed reporting and project planning, including consultancy services for the production of environmental management procedures to underpin future building and construction projects and financial risk analysis:

  • Complete on site remediation to achieve soil/groundwater status suitable for end use
  • Classification reporting, including offsite waste management and disposal
  • Data management, reporting and materials tracking protocols
  • Site rehabilitation measures
  • Final Site Condition Reporting

Site Remediation & Rehabilitation

By calling upon Australia’s largest fleet of specialised plant and equipment we can deliver unparalleled efficiencies of scale to a project and any remediation works programme. Our core capabilities involve:

  • Analysis of existing contaminants, review and provide optimum remediation solutions
  • Excavation for offsite disposal
  • Options for potential reuse / waste minimisation
  • Screening and abatement
  • Capping / on site containment and construction of containment cells
  • PASS or ASS treatment and neutralisation

Depending on the project scope and key findings from our site assessment we can engineer specialist solutions, including:

  • Bioremediation and landfarming
  • In-situ stabilisation
  • Chemical treatment and stabilisation

Where a project requires the full rehabilitation of contaminated land prior to re-use or transfer we are also capable of delivering turnkey services, including:

  • Validation testing
  • Completion of clean up scope
  • Barrier installation / lined containment cells
  • Backfilling, compaction, contouring and drainage
  • Complete survey modelling
  • Hard and soft landscaping
  • Revegetation

Soil & Waste

CMA Contracting can design and deliver site specific work programmes to address hazardous soil contaminants and waste. Our ability to complete comprehensive site assessments and to manage organic and inorganic soil contamination has been proven across a large number of commercial and industrial remediation projects – Australia wide.

We work within the guidelines of the Commonwealth National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure, relevant Australian Standards and State/Territory legislative frameworks to carefully tailor a sustainable solution to meet individual project requirements, as well as to identify innovative methods to reduce waste to landfill, manage local stakeholder relations and satisfy regulatory requirements to effectively manage contaminated materials. Our experience as a national contractor ensures that our solutions specifically focus on optimised project durations and maximum cost efficiency.

Water & Vapour

We have the capability to manage complex water-borne and vapour contaminants through the application of cost-effective and efficient treatment technologies, including:

  • Groundwater and leachate extraction and treatment.
  • Multi Phase Extraction (MPE) and Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE).
  • Water sampling, metering, monitoring and disposal.
  • Independent (NATA accredited) laboratory analysis and bench studies.

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