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Deconstruction & Demolition

Engineered Modelling

3D simulation and analysis of demolition techniques involving large and extreme structural loads. Digital (software) modelling of engineered scenarios is an integral component of our hazard identification, risk assessment and control (HIRAC) measures – before our people and plant mobilise to site. Highly visual demonstration and work method stress testing in a virtual environment will ensure industrial structures behave as predicted when proposed felling or demolition techniques are executed. Final, site specific work methods are approved and managed in strict accordance with Hierarchy of Control principles.

Asset Recovery & Salvage

Total and/or partial deconstruction and dismantling of large scale, multi-faceted industrial plant and facilities, involving:

  • Live operating plant and facilities within close proximity or adjacent to designated work areas.
  • Reverse engineered modelling and triple certified quality, safety and environmental management systems.
  • Detailed programming and management of elevated work procedures – rope access, scaffolding, craneage, rigging and (heavy) lifting sequences.
  • Recovery, reuse and/or resale of plant, process equipment and scrap materials.
  • Chain of custody logistical management – packaging and transport/shipping of assets for reconstruction.

Manual Demolition

CMA calls upon a national workforce of more than 600 experienced trades, operators and labourers with the relevant qualifications or tickets to execute high quality, safe manual work methods. We can also apply proven capabilities for recruiting and developing local labour content that satisfies client and/or project specific requirements.

Mechanical Demolition

As a Delta Group subsidiary, CMA Contracting has access to the largest privately owned fleet of specialised plant and equipment in Australia. Purpose built for large scale industrial projects, our ability to deploy site or project specific fleets of heavy plant as well as start-of-the-art precision attachments and a full range of support machines and equipment is unparalleled.

We capitalise on late model machinery and the latest software and hardware developments that allow us to increase productivity and value engineer complex work programmes for our clients. In particular, we have the capacity to design site specific mechanical demolition work programmes that utilise a diverse range of heavy, medium and small plant, as well as specialist support vehicles and equipment. The scale, range and quality of machines at our disposal allow us to minimise or eliminate delays if/when programme critical plant or equipment fails.

Our fleet is meticulously maintained and our proprietary transport logistical systems allow us to manage and track thousands of vehicle, plant and equipment movements each day – Australia wide – and include Green Star accredited waste materials tracking and reporting. In house fabrication workshops deliver custom design expertise and our capacity to deploy capital expenditure for new plant and equipment gives us the ability to meet any client or project requirement.

High Reach Demolition

Industrial structures demand versatile and proven methods for working at heights. From complex craneage and hydraulics to concurrently deconstruct and remove asbestos contaminated materials from chimney stacks, to long reach excavators and demolition attachments such as concrete crackers and shears – CMA Contracting has the systems, personnel and plant to deliver challenging industrial work programmes involving multi-storey heavy infrastructure, restricted work areas within live operating environments and management of specialist trades.

Induced Collapse

CMA Contracting specialises in mechanically induced (controlled) collapses of industrial structures and heavy infrastructure. We recognise the high risks associated with pre-weakening structures prior to inducing a controlled collapse using heavy plant and undertake calculated engineered modelling of our proposed sequencing to test and analyse how each structure will behave and to ensure the safety of all site personnel as well as adjacent assets or infrastructure.

Our triple certified management systems involve safe work policies, procedures and methods for induced (controlled) collapses that have been proven over 30 years and hundreds of industrial projects. Importantly, our quality management principles capitalise upon continuous improvement of our practices and allow us to build upon our reputation as best-in-class.

Explosive Demolition

Large scale and technically challenging industrial projects can involve the use of explosives to induce a controlled collapse. Explosive demolition techniques in Australia are strictly regulated and the financial, project and reputational risks associated with failure are significant. CMA Contracting calls upon long standing commercial relationships in Australia and globally to ensure blast management plans and corresponding work methods involve the very best third party structural engineering consultants and expert, fully licensed subcontractors to achieve excellence in all facets of quality, safety and environmental performance.

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