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Hydro Kurri Kurri Aluminium Smelter

Project Description

Hydro engaged CMA Contracting as the lead contractor for a staged deconstruction, demolition and remediation of the 2,000 hectare Kurri Kurri Aluminium Smelter in the Hunter Valley region of NSW. Key disciplines included asbestos and hazmat removal, mechanical and explosive demolition, recycling (including onsite crushing and screening), and environmental.

  • Project
    Hydro Kurri Kurri
  • Client
    Hydro Australia
  • Sector
    Industrial, Manufacturing
  • Location
    Hunter Valley

Our scope of works included:

  • Asbestos and hazardous waste removal, including asbestos contaminated soil abatement.
  • Demolition of smelter infrastructure; 2.2km of Potline plant and buildings to ground level or top of plinth or slab level.
  • Salvage of 10,000t of aluminium busbar beneath the potline suspended slab, including anode and cathode flexes.
  • Explosive demolition of three concrete stacks and one water tower, including removal of all slabs, retaining structures, plinths, foundations, roads, footpaths and services down to 1.5m below existing ground level.
  • Asset recovery and salvage of nominated plant or equipment.
  • Onsite concrete crushing and screening.
  • Earthworks associated with profiling the final landform into a free-draining site.

Other key achievements included:

  • Total 150,000 work hours over 4 year life of project
  • Nil/zero Lost Time Injuries
  • 60,000t recyclable metals
  • 220,000t concrete crushed/screened onsite for unrestricted reuse as recovered aggregate
  • Remediation/abatement of 50,000t Asbestos Contaminated Soils
  • 10 large scale controlled fells – mechanical and explosive
  • Deconstruction of Potline 3 – involving a 750m long portal frame and suspended concrete slab
  • Removal of all ferrous ‘add-on’ materials and fixtures to prepare anode busbars, including stockpiling and transport of the busbars and associated steelwork in designated laydown areas
  • Thermal lancing to deconstruct and downsize aluminium busbar and risers
  • Oxy cutting and manual de-dressing ferrous components from aluminium sections
  • More than 4,000 crane lifts using a combination of overhead gantry and mobile cranes

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