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Bayswater Power Station Ash Dam Cell Construction

Project Description

AGL engaged CMA Contracting to construct two new ash cells on top of the existing Bayswater Ash Dam in order to increase storage capacity by 1.3 million m3.

  • Project
    Bayswater Power Station Ash Dam Cell Construction
  • Client
  • Sector
    Industrial, Energy
  • Location
    Hunter Valley, NSW

Our scope of works included:

  • Over 170,000m3 of bottom ash material was harvested and used for the construction of new cell walls.
  • Bottom ash material was transported, placed and compacted using low ground pressures construction equipment utilised.
  • Installation of 10,000m of 400/450mm HDPE ash lines.
  • Installation of 28 decant pipes and risers.
  • All works were completed in a live, operational environment with ongoing ash placement.

Other key achievements included:

  • Worker Hours: >13,000
  • Between 12-14 megalitres of water egress per day into the Ash Dam
  • Peak: 5,000m3 material placed in day.

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