CMA Contracting’s remediation division has developed a reputation for effective and innovative environmental solutions. The group has an outstanding capacity to complete large-scale site clearance projects. At the forefront of remediation, CMA operates a number of licences for soil and water remediation while also being involved in more conventional excavation, containment and disposal works.

CMA has successfully completed contracts with multinational corporations requiring extensive site clearance, remediation and waste management. Completed projects include in-situ and off-site remediation, the removal of metal and organic contaminants from low permeability soil, mud and sludge.

We have built a plant designed to remove arsenic from groundwater in pure form, and to destroy nitrate and ammonia. We are also involved in the dredging and treatment of contaminated sediments in rivers and waterways.

Our remediation services involve the removal and treatment of contaminated soil, or capping and reinstatement of the site to clients’ needs including backfilling, contouring, compaction, drainage, revetment, stabilisation, barrier and trench installation, PVC membrane installation etc.

CMA works collaboratively with its clients to provide cost effective, safe and innovative solutions for environmental projects. In some instances, our group will also purchase contaminated sites for redevelopment or redelivery to the original owner after complete remediation.

In addition to our own equipment and services, third party scientific advice will be sought to monitor and manage the remediation process. With our own laboratory setup in our Melbourne premises we are well positioned to quickly test the range of samples which arise from all sites and this response time has proved very advantageous to our group.