CMA Contracting's demolition arm has operated for more than 30 years in large scale industrial demolition, resource sector plant deconstruction, site clearance and remediation.

Completed projects include demolition and deconstruction of steel works, cement plants, chemical and petrochemical plants, power plants, mine sites, brickworks, wool scouring plants, bridges, wharves, marine structures and numerous commercial buildings. The division has a record of having successfuly completed major projects for multinational companies on sites throughout Australia and in the Australasian region.

CMA Contracting has amassed considerable skills and expertise. A highly specialised team of engineers supported by very experienced senior project managers provides the maximum ability to budget, plan, schedule, execute and complete extensive projects safely and on time. In addition, a team of experienced experts and engineers provides consulting services for plant and mine closure plans.

CMA utilises a large fleet of specialised light and heavy duty equipment to provide cost-effective, safe and timely site clearance.

Our unique “engineered collapsing” technique in combination with heavy duty customised 160-ton excavators allows for the controlled collapse of structures utilising engineered pre-cutting to bring taller structures to ground level. This methodology has major advantages in safe working performance leading to efficient work programming, and reduced man-hours and site operations risks.

In addition, our equipment fleet includes marine gear, i.e. barges, tugboats suitable to complete projects in ports, waterways or close to shoreline, and which are also available for hire.

CMA is proud of its strict Occupational Health, Safety and Environment culture. The group has developed and implemented an integrated Occupational Health Safety, Environment and Quality management system meeting the elements of AS/NZ 4801, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001.