CMA Contracting Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Delta Group, Australia’s largest demolition company, has an outstanding and unparalleled capacity to offer experienced and qualified recycling solutions. We service industries such as the resource sector, chemical, development and general industry to carry out plant decommissioning, industrial demolition and site clearance as well as remediation, decontamination and redevelopment of sites.

The division has been in operation for over 30 years and has completed major industrial deconstruction and demolition projects across the Australasian region. The largest single project of this kind had a scrap metal volume in excess of 100,000 tonnes. The recovered scrap was processed and recycled entirely by the CMA group's advanced equipment and subsequently returned into the recycling circle. Salvaged recyclables are marketed through our Singapore division for reuse and re-processing. Projects include steel works, cement plants, power plants, chemical and petrochemical plants, bridges, wharves, marine structures and numerous commercial buildings. With its comprehensive service portfolio, equipment and expertise CMA is also in a position to remove asbestos and other contaminants from sites, to remediate the land and to return it to a natural or reusable state. [read more]